TCLP Customers Only!

Are you a Traverse City Light and Power Customer?

TCLP is proud to offer its residential customers a new program designed to help improve your home’s efficiency and SAVE YOU MONEY on your utility bills. 

On Bill Financing &
Rebates Up to $3,000

TCLP Rebate Program

Rebates up to $3,000 on a new Air Conditioner that also heats your home.

What is a Heat Pump?
A heat pump is a device used for heating and cooling purposes by transferring heat from one location to another. It operates on the principle of moving heat rather than generating it directly.
In heating mode, a heat pump extracts heat from the outside air, ground, or water source (depending on the type of heat pump) and transfers it indoors to warm the building. In cooling mode, it works in reverse, removing heat from indoors and transferring it outside.

Right now, TCLP Customers can get up to a $3,000 Rebate on new Heat Pumps.  Not only will you have money on your utility bills, but you will also get a $3,000 rebate directly from Traverse City Light and Power.

PLUS..a possiblity for a $2,000 tax credit!  That could bring your total savings to $5,000!

We know this can be confusing.  That is why GEOFURANCE is here to help.  Just click the “more info” button below or give us a call at 231-943-1000.

TCLP On-Bill Financing

“Upgrade to a new furnace system from GeoFurnace and finance the cost through TCLP with just 3% flat rate interest!


Any Traverse City Light & Power residential customer.
Loan Type
Unsecured consumer loan. Notice of the loan is recorded with the county register of deeds. Any unpaid amount can be added to property tax bill and enforced through a tax lien foreclosure process.

Transfer of Loan
If property is sold, the loan can stay with the property if agreed upon by buyer.

Eligible Improvements
Qualifying energy-saving home improvements. A whole-home assessment with diagnostic testing is required for each financed project.

Loan Amounts
$5,000–$30,000. Multiple loans per customer are allowed if the total amount financed does not exceed the maximum allowable loan amount. Multiple loans are consolidated into one loan at the current interest rate.

Loan Term
Up to 10 years or useful life of the measure, whichever is less.

Loan Rates
3% interest rate for loan terms up to 120 months.

Repayment Mechanism
Customers repay the loan through a per-meter charge on the monthly TCL&P bill for electric services. The payment is considered part of the charges for electric services to the property. There is no penalty for early repayment.

Key Underwriting Criteria
Twelve consecutive months with no delinquencies on electric utility bill payment history. If an applicant has no more than one delinquency in the past 12 months, TCL&P may pre-approve the applicant if there is no more than one delinquency in the last 24 months or the applicant has a credit score of 640 or higher. Applicants should not have any delinquent taxes, bankruptcies within the last three years (from discharge), foreclosures, repossessions greater than $1,000, or unsatisfied money judgments.

Loan Agreement
The loan agreement is between TCL&P and the customer. Upon completion of the energy-efficiency improvements, TCL&P pays the contractor directly and the loan payments begin.

Eligible Properties
Single-family (one- to four-unit) homes. Rental/income properties are eligible, provided the landlord meets program requirements.

We know this can be confusing.  That is why GEOFURNCE is here to help.  Just click the “more info” button below or give us a call at 231-943-1000.